Corporate Concierge

Protect the personal and professional lives of your employees to improve business performance.

    We create solutions to manage personal responsibilities & maximize efficiency by saving your employees valued time, energy & resources. Concierge services are a rewarding initiative that many organizations are undertaking to create staff that are more focused, happier as well as more productive.

    Employers understand that an effective work-life balance helps to increases employee productivity & at Jeluxxe, we use our concierge service to help improve business performance & employee productivity. Our programs provide employers with quantifiable results while supporting your workforce by giving employees back precious time. Take a look at some of the ways our corporate programs have shown to benefit employees & employers:

    • Increases Employee Satisfaction & Motivation
    • Increases Employee Productivity/Efficiency
    • Innovative Employee/Talent Acquisition/Retention Tool

    Jeluxxe’s corporate concierge services provide a creative & flexible employee benefit to support your employee’s unique needs. With no task too great or too small.

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