How To Get The Best Out Of Your Business Using A Corporate Concierge

Employees - the backbone of the industry play a key role day-to-day running of an organization. A highly productive employee will always get more work done and give you better results. It is no big secret that the employees these days are often overworked to get better results. In fact, 58% of the employees experience excessive stress due to workload and pressure of work.

Employee happiness is an essential aspect when it comes to the growth of any organization - be it small-scale or large-scale. A happy employee rarely needs motivation as they are driven to get better results and give back to the company they’re working for. It not only improves employee productivity but the company productivity as well.

Corporate Concierge – who is a corporate concierge?

It is a job in which people are hired by corporate executives for facilitating their busy schedules. Their main job is to fulfill the personal and business-related requests placed the client. Their duties mainly include helping clients with social activities, work responsibilities, personal errands, and more.

The daily life tasks can easily take a toll on the minds of employees and hamper their performance. 78% of the employees spend more than 2 hours a day on tasks that aren’t related to work. The corporate concierge can help the employees with such work and take some workload away from their daily schedule.

Corporate concierge – why hire a concierge?

A Corporate concierge provides a lot of benefits to the employees as well as the company. They practically reduce your workload of personal life and help you focus more on your job. There are a lot of advantages with this prospect with a very little downside. Some of the general benefits of hiring a concierge are:

  • Makes the employees more result oriented

Concierge’s main task is to decrease the workload on the employee so that they can focus on their business goals. It makes them more result oriented as their mindset is directed towards the goal.

  • Improves the morale of employees

The better the morale of an employee, the more productive they will be. It is a no-brainer that anyone who is motivated enough will give better results. The same is the case with the employees.

  • Makes them more productive

In a survey conducted, it was revealed that on average an employee spends more than 3 hours a day frittering around (excluding the meals and personal business). This costs the companies more than $759 billion per year. A concierge can help reduce this number by making sure the employees spend more time thinking about their work.

  • More balanced lifestyle

A concierge helps balance the business and personal lifestyle of the employees which helps them focus more on the corporate aspect of their life. Their personal chores are performed by the concierge so they have lesser tasks to worry about.