Jeluxxe Lifestyle Solutions

A Concierge and Lifestyle Management Service For Business And Professionals

The top perk to attract and retain the best of the best. 

Jeluxxe offers customized corporate concierge and virtual assistance which places your company ahead of the competition and creates best place to work environments.

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Recruit, Retain, Reward!

Jeluxxe Lifestyle Solutions is  a premiere concierge  and virtual assistance service preferred by many industry leaders looking to get their "time back." 

Jeluxxe Lifestyle Solutions was started in January 2017 to satisfy the growing demand of overwhelmed and overworked executives, entrepreneurs and employees.

Whether you are an employer looking to provide concierge services as an additional benefit to your employees or a small business, or entrepreneur who needs additional help, our Lifestyle Managers exude excellence to suffice all of your needs.

The goal was to create a company that would assist in serving others and provide your "time" back.

With a superior level of assistance and extra attention to detail,  the Jeluxxe Team guarantees excellent service.  

Today, Jeluxxe is recognized in Toronto as one of the leading corporate concierge and virtual assistance services. 

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We Create Employee Happiness And Best Place To Work Accolades

Our Time is Your Time

Jeluxxe Lifestyle Solutions staff ensure our clients are number one and make sure to exceed all expectations. From planning a family trip to organizing onsite car cleaners, Jeluxxe Lifestyle Solutions' staff create unforgettable experiences for your employees which in turn drive engagement, boost employee productivity and enhance company culture.

The Jeluxxe team has been splendid. They have been on time with all of my requests, even checked in on days, they weren't assigned to. Thanks to them, I've been home much earlier for the last six months.   

Joan Daniels

Thank you!

When my boss introduced Jeluxxe to our team, I thought it was an unrealistic idea however, how wrong was I? My daughter's have gotten to gymnastics on time, family trips have been booked. Such a great idea and experience. 

Abigail Lyons